WWF Thailand’s Environmental Education Program, and is dedicated to reinforcing environmental education in Thailand. WWF Greater Mekong Program Office and WWF Thailand agreed to establish and register FEED as a national conservation organization, which would then formulate its own policy, operation plan, and fundraising plan. The foundation retains a close working relationship with WWF Thailand, and conducts joint projects with common purposes on natural resource and environmental conservation, in both Thailand neighboring countries.

FEED is an abbreviation for Foundation for Environmental Education for sustainable Development (Thailand), a non-profit organization registered in Thailand, and an affiliated organization of World Wide Fund for Nature, Thailand (WWF Thailand).


“Leadership in the conservation of the environment and natural resources, by promoting the process of Environmental Education  for Sustainable Development. ”


“Raise awareness of youth and the general public for natural resource conservation, via environmental education  that  aims to encourage people  to experience conservation activities and change their attitude and behavior in order to live sustainably with nature.”

The main objectives of the foundation are

  1. To conduct activities regarding natural and environmental protection in Thailand and neighboring countries using the approaches of environmental education for sustainable development
  2. To establish and support the operation of environmental study centers, with particular attention to natural resource preservation, maintaining environmental quality, and sustainable energy consumption
  3. To promote researches, development, and training for natural resource and environmental preservation and sustainable energy consumption
  4. To promote and support agricultural occupations, handicrafts, low impact industries and ecotourism which support natural resource preservation and the environment
  5. To preserve and promote local knowledge, traditions and cultures
  6. To coordinate with government, public enterprise, private organizations and business including a coordination with international organizations and foreign governments in order to accomplish all objectives as mentioned above
  7. Political freedom


A group of people with over 15 years experience in environmental education form the management team of FEED. These include WWF Thailand’s former acting country director, conservation program manager, environmental education unit head, Nature Education Centers’ managers, and all environmental education officers.  FEED has strong professional capability to organize green (CSR) activities including green curriculums for schoolchildren and youth, environmental youth camps, reforestation and tree planting activities, smart energy youth camps, and low carbon school network projects and activities.