The Nature and Agriculture Education Centre Project (NAEC).

This project focuses principally on Environmental Education by applying experiential learning, student-centered learning and self-learning methods., The learning process aims to  raise awareness of people and encourages them to show improved concern  about the environment, natural resource use and sustainability. The NAEC has the following objectives:

  1. To develop NAEC as study site about natural resources and agriculture under the principle of a sufficiency economy. NAEC intends to help conserve the rich biodiversity, and diversity in agricultural land use, of  the original central plains ecosystem, based on development that matches local community needs and and resource conservation.
  2. To encourage and raise awareness of the values of biodiversity in the Central plain as well as better understanding about environmental impacts from human activities.
  3. To create and strengthen an Environmental Education Network encompassing government, non government organizations, and community and private sectors.
  4. To disseminate NAEC activities through mass media, produce educational materials, and publicize environmental situation, as well as transfer real experiences of Environmental Education to the education system of Thailand.